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4D Live Wallpaper

The Original 4D Live Wallpapers app! Forget 3D.. Go 4D! It's Magic!

Do you like 3D wallpapers? You'll love 4D for sure!
4K quality backgrounds, become live with this new per pixel animation technology!

This is a totally new approach of making live wallpapers with real 4D depth effect!

Parallax Background

A Unique Parallax - Holographic 3D Live Wallpapers collection.

Give your homescreen a real 3D depth effect with this motion controlled multi-layered 3D live wallpapers collection.

Create and share your own live wallpapers for free, with included Wallpaper Maker!

4K Wallpaper

Unlimited HD wallpapers & 4K backgrounds FREE.

Get the most out of your AMOLED screen, with specially designed mind blowing dark backgrounds.

Enjoy popular HD UHD 4K cool wallpapers from categories like AMOLED, nature, abstract, inspirational quotes, space, minimal, sports, superheroes and many others.

Koi Fish Live Wallpaper

Decorate your mobile screen with ultra-realistic water and 3D moving koi fishes.

A marvelous 3D live wallpaper that instantly reshapes your mobile screen into an incredibly beautiful, ultra-realistic water pond full of spiritual koi fish!

This amazing live wallpaper can completely change the way you use and interact with your phone!




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